David Haney

David Haney was born and raised in Vidor, Texas and graduated from Vidor High School in 1967. David’s first experience in pharmacy was working for Dub Morris at Vidor Pharmacy which jump started his interest in pharmacy. He then went on Lamar University to get his prerequisites for pharmacy and then on to the University of Houston Pharmacy School where he graduated in 1973. David then went to work for Eckerd’s Pharmacy in Vidor until he met the Pharmacy Manager at Gibson’s, Leonard Mosca. David and Leonard formed a partnership which led to the opening Family Pharmacy in January of 1979 with the concept to treat customers like family. To see more about Family Pharmacies please visit our history page.


Leonard Mosca

Leonard Mosca was David Haney’s business partner for a better part of 30 years before he sold his share to David’s son Brian. Leonard graduated from the University of Houston pharmacy school in 1968. Leonard first worked at Walgreen’s pharmacy for a short period of time then went to work at Gibson’s Pharmacy for 6 years. In January of 1979 Leonard and David opened Family Pharmacy and have been partners ever since.

Bobby Duhon

Bobby Duhon started working full time for Family Pharmacies in 2009. Led by a great respect for two pharmacists that Bobby's family traded with, he set out to get a degree in pharmacy. After graduating from the University of Houston Pharmacy School in 1972 Bobby worked for Eckerds/CVS and for the Medical Center Of Southeast Texas for many years. Bobby is the pharmacist-in-charge at the Bridge City location.

Sonia Guidry

Sonia Guidry started working at Family Pharmacies in 2009. After graduating from Northeast Louisiana University School of Pharmacy in 1997 she has worked at Rite Aid as well as Potier's Pharmacy. Sonia is the Pharmacist-in-Charge at our Mauriceville Family Pharmacy location.